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Truvia teams up with Rachel Ray ›
Truvia teams up with Rachel Ray ›
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Try something new.

Start a new sport, visit the nearby gym or even add a morning run to your routine to help boost your feel-good vibes.
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Get out and about.

Go on outings with friends and family. It’ll give you a break from the mundane and help you find new energies.
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Reinvent your beverages.

Beverage choices are an essential part of your day. Reinvent your favorites to sugar-free status by swapping sugar with calorie-free Truvia® Natural Sweetener.

Truvia® teams up with the Rachael Ray show.

Check out Truvia®’s segment on the Rachael Ray show which uses Truvia® Cane Sugar Blend and Truvia® Natural Sweetener to make these new and exciting recipes, like “Everything Morning Muffins” and “Golden Milk Latte.” Now, you can make them too!

Fruit, yogurt and Truvia.

Mornings made smoothier.

Get inspiration for your a.m. routine from Ana at Muy Delish. Her Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie made with calorie-free Truvia® Natural Sweetener has protein, fiber and nutrients — and takes less than 5 minutes to make.

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About Us.

We believe sweetness was meant to be enjoyed. That's why we created products that allow you to reduce sugar, not flavor. Born from the leaves of the stevia plant, our sweetness is rooted in nature along with the firm belief that sweetness does not have to be sacrificed.

Delicious Recipes.

FREE Printable Conversion Charts.

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Reduce the sugar, not the sweet, in your favorite recipes.

Get these handy conversion charts for easy reference next time you sweeten your recipes with calorie-free Truvia® Natural Sweetener or another Truvia® sweetener product.