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Be your natural, everyday self with Truvia® sweeteners. How sweet is that?


Find Out How Truvia® Sweeteners Can Work For You

Better Baking

Reduce calories and added sugar, keep the sweet taste you love.Learn More ›

Low-Carb Diets

Swap sugar with Truvia® to help you along your keto or low-carb journey.Learn More ›

Diabetes & Truvia®

Find out how Truvia® works for a diabetes-friendly diet.Learn More ›
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A Whole New Way To Eat, Drink and Sweet.

Introducing two new ways to keep the sweet but lose the calories of sugar. Truvia® Sweet Complete™ is the natural, do-it-all sweetener that measures cup for cup like sugar with zero calories per serving.

To top it off, there is also Truvia® Confectioners, the new way to replace powdered sugar in all your favorite recipes.

What People Are Saying About Truvia®

“I absolutely love Truvia®. I use it in baking cooking and my tea. Would recommend it to everybody.”
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From blissful breakfast beverages to delectable desserts and everything in between, Truvia® can help you reduce the sugar and keep the sweet.

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Where to Buy

Find your favorite Truvia® products online or at a store near you.