Truvía® Sweetener Products: Reviews, Locator & Partners

Sprinkled, stirred or poured, Truvía® sweetener products are refreshingly uncomplicated. If you're looking to sweeten up your coffee or an entire meal, look no further — our products have the answer. Choose your natural sweetness – read customer reviews and find out where to purchase Truvía® sweetener products in your community. For more information about Truvía® Natural Sweetener ingredients, visit our FAQ page.

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Truvía® Natural Sweetener Packets

Adds natural, zero-calorie sweetness to foods and beverages. One packet provides the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar, and is available in 30-, 40-, 80-, 140-, 240- and 400-count boxes at select retailers.

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Truvía® Spoonable

Our original Truvía® Natural Sweetener designed for use at home to spoon and sprinkle just the right amount of great-tasting, zero-calorie Truvía® Natural Sweetener.

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Truvía® Nectar

Truvía® Nectar is the NEW way to enjoy the sweetness of honey. Blended with stevia leaf extract, sugar & honey, Truvía® Nectar has 50% fewer calories per serving than full-calorie honey and adds a touch of sweetness to your coffee, tea and favorite recipes.

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Truvía® Brown Sugar Blend

Our Brown Sugar Blend is a blend of Truvía® Natural Sweetener and brown sugar. It provides brown sugar-like taste and texture in recipes, and is the only brown sugar product that offers 75% fewer calories than brown sugar.

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Truvía® Cane Sugar Blend

Our Cane Sugar Blend combines Truvía® Natural Sweetener with sugar for use in our favorite recipes with 75% fewer calories than sugar. All without losing the texture or sweet taste you love.

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Truvía® Baker's Bag Cane Sugar Blend

Introducing NEW Truvía® Baker’s Bag Cane Sugar Blend. A blend of stevia sweetener and cane sugar that sweetens, bakes and measures like traditional sugar, with 25% fewer calories.

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