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Ditch the resolutions.
Ring in the revolution.

Sweeten Without Compromise

Sweet Complete™
All-Purpose Sweetener

The Sweetness Revolution is here. Truvia® Sweet Complete sweetens with zero calories per serving. Perfect for muffins, coffees or anywhere you use sugar.
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Truvia® Confectioners Sweetener sweetens like confectioners sugar in recipes, with zero calories per serving. Use it where you use powdered sugar.
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Keep Life Sweet

There are so many ways to enjoy your favorite eats and treats with less sugar and more Truvia® Sweet Complete! Here are a few sweet tips to get started.

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It’s the time of year to start anew. Try your hand at some new recipes with all the sweetness and less sugar.
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Shake up your morning routine this year. Stir in some sweetness to your lattes, teas and smoothies to get your day started.
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Have your cake and eat it too! With Truvia® Confectioners Sweetener, every celebration is as sweet as can be.

The Sweet Complete Bakeover

Give classic recipes a bakeover with Truvia® Sweet Complete. Our version of this keto-friendly Berry Cobbler is made with less sugar and through the roof on flavor.

Recipe Before

Made with Sugar

220 calories

15 grams of sugar

Recipe After

Made with Truvia Sweet Complete

190 calories

6 grams of sugar

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Anytime Sweetness

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Sweeter Happy Hour

Rock this delicious Mocktail for a happy hour at any hour! Made with calorie-free Truvia® Natural Sweetener.
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On-the-go Sweetness

With the sweet Original or tasty Vanilla Flavor, Truvia® Organic Liquids are perfect when you’re on the move—even if you’re not going very far.

Let’s Get Blending!