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This is the Truvia® Sweetness Revolution

Truvia® Sweet Complete™ lets you sweeten whatever, whenever, wherever. With zero calories per serving.

The Revolutionary Truvia® Sweet Complete™

Sweeten like you’ve never sweetened before.

Sweet Complete™
All-Purpose Sweetener

Bakes. Browns. Measures cup-for-cup like sugar. Does it all, with zero calories per serving.
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Measures cup-for-cup like confectioners sugar. Sweet and easy.
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Sweet Complete™ Recipes

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. Make your favorites in a whole new way.
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Let's Get Baking

Bake to your heart’s content with these reduced-sugar recipes. So many delicious ways to use Truvia® Sweet Complete™!
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Make it smooth, make it sweet, make it irresistible! Check out some of the amazing things you can create with calorie-free Truvia® Confectioners Sweetener.
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"Just made banana bread with Truvia® in place of all the sugars. It tastes delicious!! My husband has even started replacing the sugar in his morning coffee with Truvia®, and its usually hard to get him to choose healthy options lol!"
"This confectioner sugar is amazing! I love that it looks and feels just like regular confectioner sugar but without any real sugar. I tried this product in a frosting and it was delicious! Great way to cut back on sugar."
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Advice & Answers About Truvia® Sweetener Products

What is Truvia® Sweet Complete™?

Truvia® Sweet Complete™ All-Purpose Sweetener is a mix of stevia leaf extract, erythritol, and chicory root fiber. This calorie-free product bakes and browns in recipes and measures and provides the same sweetness as traditional sugar.

How is Truvia® Sweet Complete™ different from Truvia® Natural Sweetener?

Truvia® Sweet Complete™ All-Purpose Sweetener has been developed for use in most baked goods where sugar provides important functionality beyond sweetness. Baked goods made with Truvia® Sweet Complete™ All-Purpose Sweetener will have a more sugar-like texture, have increased moistness, and spread and brown more like recipes made with sugar. It is easy to convert from full sugar recipes when using Truvia® Sweet Complete™ All-Purpose Sweetener for baking applications as it is a cup-for-cup replacement for sugar.

What is Truvia® Confectioners Sweetener?

Truvia® Confectioners Sweetener is a calorie-free powdered sweetener that sweetens and measures like confectioners sugar in recipes. Whether you’re making frosting, cheesecake or lemon bars, use Truvia® Confectioners Sweetener anywhere you use powdered or confectioners sugar.

How much Truvia® should I use when substituting for sugar?

Truvia® Sweet Complete™ All-Purpose Sweetener and Truvia® Confectioners Sweetener are cup-for-cup replacements to sugar so you can use the same amount of sweetener as you would sugar or confectioners/powdered sugar.

What is Chicory Root Fiber?

Chicory root fiber is a naturally sourced fructan from the chicory root. Fructans occur in foods such as agave, artichokes, asparagus, chicory, leeks, garlic, onions, and wheat.

More Sweet Complete™ Buzz

"Who says baking banana bread was only for the beginning of quarantine? This recipe is so good! I decided to switch up some things and put my own spin on it using @Truvia® Sweet Complete™, a calorie-free stevia sweetener that is also a one-to-one substitute for sugar."
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"We even made homemade sugar cookies with @truvia’s new calorie-free Sweet Complete™ which bakes and browns in recipes. I also used their new calorie-free Confectioners sweetener for the dairy-free whipped frosting and y’all it was SO GOOD."
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"Truvia® Sweet Complete™ is an all-purpose, granulated, calorie-free stevia sweetener that bakes, browns, sweetens and measures like sugar in recipes. I’ve loved baking with it because I can add sweetness to the baked goods I love without having to mess with complicated conversions!"
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