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The Sweet Life, One Spoonful at a Time

Truvia® Calorie-Free Sweetener Jars help you decide just how sweet your day is going to be. From making sweets, to sauces, to beverages, all you need is a spoon. Let us handle the rest.

Just when you thought your counter couldn’t get sweeter.

Between our Stevia Leaf Jar, Stevia Leaf Brown Jar, and Monk Fruit Jar, you’ve got ways to keep zero-calorie sweetness close at hand.​

Truvia® Stevia Leaf Sweetener

The perfect fit for your countertop or coffee bar. Zero-calorie goodness, plus the subtle sweetness of the Stevia Leaf.

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Truvia® Stevia Leaf Brown Sweetener​

Our brown sweetener is flavored with rich, wholesome ingredients to create a zero-calorie way to plus up favorites like oatmeal, tea or more.​

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Truvia® Monk Fruit Sweetener

This sugar-free sweetener comes from monk fruit, providing zero-calorie sweetness. Perfect to stir into your favorite beverage, mix into yogurt or sprinkle onto your morning cereal.​

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Recipes made sweet with Truvia®

From blissful breakfast beverages to delectable desserts and everything in between, Truvia® can help you reduce the sugar and keep the sweet.

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