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Bring Truvia Home for the Holidays

Holiday treats are serious business. Truvia sweeteners are here to help you reduce the sugar and keep all the holiday cheer.

Almond thumbprint

Almond Thumbprint Cookies

Simple, sweet, and sophisticated. These Almond Thumbprint Cookies are chocolate topped and perfectly shareable. Each Almond Thumbprint Cookie has 28% fewer calories* and 54% less sugar* than the full-sugar version.

More Reduced Sugar Cookie Recipes

Sugar Blends

Better Baking with Truvia Sugar Blends

Making your baked goods naturally sweet with less sugar. Truvia Sugar Blends bring the sweetness to your cookies, cakes, muffins and more with 75% fewer calories than traditional sugar.

Make the Swap from Sugar to Truvia

Use the conversion calculator below to help reduce sugar in recipes without sacrificing taste. Browse our printable conversion charts here.

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