Our Favorite Holiday Cocktails and Mocktails

It’s easy to see why so many people say the holiday season is their favorite time of year, despite the colder weather. The lights, the scenery, the friends & family…and don’t forget the parties! Holiday parties and delicious cocktails go together like holly and jolly and we’ve got the best of the bunch. Have a look at this sleighride-worthy list of our Truvia Top Five Holiday Cocktails and Mocktails!

Article Image 1 Espresso Martini

1. Espresso Martini

Tasty, trendy, and absolutely terrific, our Espresso Martini just might be your new favorite holiday tradition. The surprisingly well-balanced beverage has just the right amount of everything you want- delicious zero-sugar sweetness courtesy of Truvia Simple Syrup (see #5 on our list for more info), the pleasantly buzzy and bitter coffee notes, and the satisfying zip of the vodka. Add in the fact that our version has 54% less sugar than the traditional full-sugar version, and it’s a holiday miracle! This of-the-moment cocktail makes a wonderful after dinner drink, or a peppy happy hour sipper. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit: Garnish with some espresso beans for a classier look, add a little extra zip by swapping the espresso for cold brew, or give it a little extra holiday pizzazz with mint or hazelnut liqueur!

Try our Espresso Martini recipe here.

Article Image 2 Harvest Punch

2. Harvest Punch

We may be a bit past the traditional “harvest season” but this great tasting (and great looking!) Harvest Punch is an excellent excuse to raise a glass any time of year. Sweet, with a splash of citrus and a hint of ginger & cinnamon, this party-making punch is a great one to have in your beverage repertoire. Easily convert this recipe to the “mocktail” version by ditching the vodka and using any non-alcoholic prosecco! Sweetened with Truvia Sweet Complete Granulated Monk Fruit Sweetener for just the right amount of sweet with zero sugar. “Where can I find monk fruit?” you ask? Check out the Truvia Sweet Somethings Shop, our Amazon Store, or search retailers near you with our Store Finder!

Try our Harvest Punch recipe here.

Article Image 3 Sugar Cookie Martini

3. Sugar Cookie Martini

If you (or someone you know) is having some trouble feeling the holiday spirit this year, one sip of this undeniably festive drink may kick start that festive feeling! A real showstopper of a cocktail, this sweet and tasty martini is made with a hint of vanilla, Irish cream, amaretto and an irresistible sugar cookie crumble around the rim of the glass. They don’t get much more “holiday” than this! Sweetened with Truvia Sweet Complete Confectioners Sweetener, the zero-sugar sweetener made from the stevia leaf, for sweetness with zero calories! In the mood for a mocktail instead? You can find many non-alcoholic alternatives to both Irish cream and amaretto, and you can leave the vodka out for an anytime treat.

Try our Sugar Cookie Martini recipe here.

Article Image 4 Mulled Wine

4. Mulled Wine

When we say this is a “holiday classic”, we mean it. Mulled Wine (sometimes called Glühwein) can be found in historical references all the way back in the 2nd century BCE! One sip of this traditional winter drink and the reason for its enduring popularity is obvious. Warm red wine mulled with spices like cloves, cinnamon, and anise give this drink a supremely cozy taste and feel. And it’s great as a mocktail! Simply switch out the wine with a tart fruit juice like cranberry, or a non-alcoholic Merlot to turn this cold weather sipper into an anytime treat! Sweetened with Truvia Simple Syrup (see #5 on our list for more info) for holiday sweetness with zero sugar!

Try our Mulled Wine recipe here.

Article Image 5 Simple Syrup

5. Truvia Simple Syrup

If you’re at all interested in creating sugar-free mocktails or cocktails, Truvia Simple Syrup is an absolute necessity. It’s a key ingredient in hundreds of cocktails and other beverages, including two on this very list! As the name implies, creating this mixologist’s must-have is a simple three step process, with just two ingredients: Water and Truvia Calorie-Free Sweetener (available in Stevia Leaf or Monk Fruit varieties, just pick your favorite!). Once you have simple syrup in your bartending arsenal, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. And the best part? Truvia Simple Syrup has 100% less sugar and 100% fewer calories than the sugar-made version. A sugar-free simple syrup?! Happy Holidays, indeed!

Try our Simple Syrup recipe here.

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