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Got the perfect poetic pick-me-up? A favorite phrase to spread some sweetness? Truvia would love to hear it! We’re asking Truvia fans to submit their own Sweet Phrases. Enter your Sweet Phrase below, and if we love your submission it may be featured on future Truvia Original Sweetener Packets or Truvia’s social media channels!

Please provide your name and contact email. We will let you know if your Sweet Phrase has been chosen. Truvia will never sell your information without your consent.

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3 D 2022 Truvia Stevia 80ct Packet

Truvia Calorie-Free Sweetener Packets

Truvia Calorie-Free Sweetener is ready to make your morning pick-me-up, afternoon beverage or post-dinner cocktail sweet and delicious. Grab some packets for on-the-go sweetness.

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Download a Sweet Phrase to use as a wallpaper on your mobile device!

Find and share the sweetness with Truvia lovers across social media using the hashtag #SweetPhrases

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