GingerLemonCocktail Detail

Ginger-Lemon Cranberry Cocktail Recipe with Truvía® Natural Sweetener

Celebrate the season with this festive drink that combines flavors of lemon, cranberry and a sweet ginger syrup. This cocktail has 41% fewer calories* and 70% less sugar* than the regular sugar-sweetened version. Makes 4 servings.

  • Serving Size: 34 cup (6 fl. oz.)
70 Calories

**Erythritol value may vary based on your choice of sweetener


Ginger Syrup
Cranberry Cocktail
  • 12 cup frozen cranberries

  • 1 Lemon, juiced (about 14 cup)

  • Ginger Syrup

  • 1 cup cranberry juice

  • 6 oz gin or vodka

  • 1 cup club soda

  • Shaved fresh ginger


Ginger Syrup
  1. Place syrup ingredients in a small saucepan; bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 15 to 20 minutes. Strain and chill for at least 30 minutes before using.

Cranberry Cocktail
  1. Crush the frozen cranberries in a small glass pitcher or 4-cup measure.

  2. Add lemon juice.

  3. Stir in ginger syrup, cranberry juice, and gin. Put ice in low-ball glasses about 23 full.

  4. Top with club soda and garnish with fresh ginger.

*This drink has 70 calories and 5 grams of sugar per serving compared to regular sugar-sweetened version which has 120 calories and 17 grams of sugar.

Nutrition Per Serving

Calories 70
Total Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 10mg
Total Carbohydrate 12g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 5g
Erythritol** 6g
Protein 0g
Vitamin A 0% DV
Vitamin C 25% DV
Calcium 0% DV
Iron 0% DV