Truvía® Safety Research and Reports

Any natural product that has been around for hundreds of years and has the interest of scientists at universities around the world will have decades of research behind it. Stevia is backed by volumes of independent research and reviewed by scientific experts from around the world. These professionals, as well as reputable government administrations such as the FDA have reviewed the side effects of stevia leaf extract as a Truvía® ingredient, and shared findings that support its safety. Global regulatory approvals have been possible because of the rich history of global safety studies and also some modern research.

Truvía®: Important Dates and Events

May 2008

Cargill’s stevia leaf extract research program published inFood and Chemical Technology.

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December 2008

FDA issued no-objection letter affirming and supporting the safety of Truvía® stevia leaf extract (rebaudioside A). Official, Truvía®stevia leaf extract has Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS).

December 2008

Truvía® Natural Sweetener was launched and widely available in retail in the United States. Coca-Cola introduced Sprite Green®, sweetened with Truvía® stevia leaf extract.

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September 2009

French national approval granted for the use of rebaudioside A in food and beverages for up to two years published in the Official Journal of France.

April 2010

European Food Safety Authority published Scientific Opinion confirming that steviol glycosides, sweeteners extracted from the stevia plant, are safe for use in foods and beverages.

April 2010

Coca-Cola launched Fanta Still®, the first Coca-Cola product in France sweetened with Truvía® stevia leaf extract.

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Regulatory Approval of steviol glycosides in the European Union.


Stevia-based products are launched in Europe.

January 2011

Truvía® sweetener is launched in Mexico

December 2011

Truvía® sweetener is launched in the United Kingdom and Spain

February 2012

Truvía® Cane Sugar Blend, a blend of Truvía®Natural Sweetener and sugar, is launched in the US

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May 2012

Truvía® sweetener is launched in France and Italy

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July 2012

Truvía® sweetener is launched in Venezuela

March 2013

Truvía® sweetener is launched in Canada

September 2014

Truvía® Brown Sugar Blend, a blend of Truvía® Natural Sweetener and brown sugar, is launched in the US


November 2014

Julie Upton, MS, RD became healthcare ambassador for Truvía® sweetener