Sustainability & Transparency

From the start, the Truvia® brand was built upon a foundation of sustainability and transparency. These business drivers have led to the creation of a common bond across the brand, a way of thinking and working that continuously seeks out economic, environmental and social opportunities.

Our commitments fall into three areas: sharing in improving communities, stewarding natural resources and sourcing responsibility.

Stewarding Natural Resources

Producing good crops depends on clean water, healthy soil, clean air and sunlight. As a food and agriculture company, our awareness of the importance of taking care of natural resources over the long term cannot be overstated. We believe the best way to ensure proper care is to implement a system that strives for continuous improvement.

Sustainability Environment Farmer

We started by undertaking a life cycle analysis to identify the major environmental impact areas in the Truvia® value chain. The results of our analysis brought four key areas to the forefront: greenhouse gas emissions, water use, waste and land management. Our commitments are centered around these areas:



Reduce our carbon footprint by 50% in 2015 from a 2010 baseline to become carbon neutral by 2020.


Ensure all processed water is returned in the same quality in which it was taken, and reduce net depletion by 25% by 2020.


Reduce waste by 50% across the supply chain in 2015 in an effort to become zero waste by 2020



Ensure our stevia is not grown on conservation or protected land.

Sustainability Environment CarbonTrust

The Truvia® business team worked with the Carbon Trust to certify our carbon footprint and verify our waste and water footprints throughout its supply chain. Truvia® sweetener is the first sweetener to receive certification for its carbon footprint by UK-based Carbon Trust. The certified metrics are part of an action plan to manage the Truvia® stevia leaf extract carbon footprint in order to become carbon neutral by 2020.

Progress on Commitments

The Truvia® business has committed to important economic, social and environmental goals, including to be zero waste by 2020. Our results to date are notable and we remain open to scrutiny in our efforts and look for opportunities for continuous improvement. Click here for more information.

Sustainability Environment Chart-2014